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After care of "Eyebrow Tattoo" and “3D Eyebrow Tattoo”.
How quick you heal after the procedure will depend on your age and how quick your skin regenerates. Some customers may not show any visible sign of skin peeling. However some people may take 3-5 days for the blisters to come off by itself to presence beauty of the eyebrow. Take special precaution not to peel the blisters with your hand.


There will have some reddish spots after the blisters come off. It causes the pigment color to appear unstable. However, this is normal and will recover within one week. Do not itch the tattoo, or pick the scab, or you will risk removing the pigment. Be gentle. Avoid washing the area too roughly, or plucking stray eyebrow hair for at least the first week.


Refrain from eating seafood, drinking alcohols, eating spicy food. Do not go swimming, spa, and sauna & do not massage to the eyebrows within three weeks.


After eyebrow tattooing, you can cleanse your face, but don't getting your eyebrow parts in contact with water. Try to keep the eyebrow part dry. If your eyebrow comes in contact with water, use tissue paper or towel to dry the area. After one week you can resume cleansing your face normally.


Fixing procedure of discoloration can only be performed after 28 days. Coloration is not as effective if fixing procedure performed less than 28 days. If the eyebrows color looks balanced and natural, no need for further re-coloration. Sometimes the color becomes darker & looks unnatural after further re-coloration.


If the eyebrows color looks balanced and natural, there is no need for further re-coloration. Sometimes the color becomes darker & looks unnatural after further re-coloration.


Although most pigments are considered permanent, however they might fade over time. Sunlight can play a role in lightening the color of your tattooed eyebrows. Even after it’s healed, keep in mind that frequent sunlight exposure can cause your tattoo to fade faster.


If you are considering eyebrow tattooing, ask our professional beauticians to show you some pictures of their prior eyebrow work. Make sure you like what you see before having your eyebrows tattooed.


Almost everyone is a good candidate for eyebrow tattooing except for individuals who have Herpes Simplex. The operation could trigger an outbreak of sores that could leave unpleasant scarring on the treated area. If you take anticoagulants or immunosuppressive drugs or have an acute illness, do not undergo permanent cosmetic procedures. We're not recommend people to take "3D Eyebrow Tattoo" if they've got following symptoms: pregnancy, diabetes, severe infectious diseases, leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia, skin allergy, ulcers are difficult to heal, heart disease and sensitive of pigment


Before you have your eyebrows tattooed, you do need to have an initial consultation with our professional beauticians applying the procedure. If you have a prolapsed mitral heart valve you may need to take antibiotics before hand to prevent a bacterial infection in your heart. You may also be asked to eliminate the use of aspirin and nicotine before the operation to minimize the chance of swelling or bleeding. The only real risk of the surgery is an allergic reaction to the pigments.


Please do not resolve the problem yourself If any problem occurs after having “3D Eyebrow Tattoo” services. Call us at 94562257 or 25221238 to consult with Ms Chan. Or send your enquiries to email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , attention: Ms. Chan.

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